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Riga – a veritable Art Nouveau metropolis

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Riga, Latvia’s capital and international gateway is considered to be the cultural center of the Baltics. This ancient city is noted for what many consider to be the finest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe as well as its guildhalls and churches. In the 13th to 15th centuries, Riga was a major center of the Hanseatic League, a powerful association of merchants trading with Central and Eastern Europe.

Art Nouveau styles falls under several branches or substyles – Eclectic, Romanticized, Decorative and Vertical. As wrote Janis Krastins (Latvian Art Nouveau in the European Context:Art Nouveau. Time and Space) already by 1904 Eclecticism has disappeared from Riga, whereas in other cities in Europe it more or less co-existed with Art Nouveau up to First World War and even longer. More then a third of the buildings in the center of Riga are in the Art Nouveau Style. There is hardly any city in the world  that can boast as many  Art Nouveau buildings concentrated in one area, in such good condition and of such artistic quality, not even Brussels, Vienna and other European Art Nouveau centers.

In the permanent display of Latvian National Museum of Art can see  great collection Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Classical Modernism and not only.

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National Parks near Riga

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KNP offers its visitors a range of activities – excursions to the bog boardwalk, hiking on marked routes with or without a guide. Here you can see forest animals in their natural habitat as well as free-ranging Heck cattle. It has become a tradition to organise annual events, e.g., Bird Days in spring or the Bat Night. Kemeri national park’s pictures you can see here.

  • Gauja National Park was founded in 1973, and it was the first national park in the territory of Latvia at that time. It focuses mainly on nature protection but it is also used for educational and leisure tourism.

Līgatne Nature Trails were established in 1975 in order to acquaint visitors with nature, mammal and plant species characteristic for Latvia, nature diversity and protection. Ligatne Nature Trails are located in the territory of Gauja National Park, in Cēsis region.

Gauja National park’s pictures you can see here. And if you want to see video of Gauja National Park – you can find it here.


Norway is ready to establish in Latvia 5 thousand new work places

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The statement was made at yesterday’s seminar organized in Riga Chamber of Commerce in Norway. Were called and the direction in which the Norwegians are ready to invest their money. In the IT industry may be created 500 jobs, in areas related to the sea – 1500, in logistics – 3000 seats. This is the minimum what promised Norwegian businessmen for Latvia.


Italian companies invest in Latvia

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A traffic signs producer has decided to transfer its production units from Italy to Latvia and plans to suggest other Italian companies to do the same, the daily Diena reports today. The newspaper points out that investors are attracted to Latvia because of the lower production costs and improved workforce availability in the country.

 Representatives of the Italian producer of road signs and equipment Blu Way Group comment that in case their experience in Latvia turns out to be a success, they will suggest also other Italian companies to transfer their production units to Latvia. One of the prospective candidates is the Italian tires and other rubber production market giant Pirelli.

Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Italy in Latvia, Giovanni Turturiello says that he does not have information about specific plans of Italian investors regarding Latvia, however, he can confirm that overall, Italian companies are particularly interested in investing in energy, environment protection and logistics. According to the data in the embassy’s disposition, so far the two largest Italian enterprises operating in Latvia, are the bank Unicredit Group and the frames, glasses and sunglasses distributor Luxxotica Group.

Why Invest in Latvia? Excerpts from the Investment and Development Agency’s Website

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Over the last five years, Latvia experienced very rapid economic growth and development across all sectors. Today, as many other countries, Latvia has been affected by the global economic crisis and faces a number of difficult economic challenges. The Latvian government has expressed its clear determination to meet these and has set out a programme of measures to do so. One of the key objectives is the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI), recognised to be an important tool for successful economic recovery.

Business Friendly

  • Minor bureaucratic obstacles
  • Transparent legal and judicial system
  • Business without boarders – EU Member State

Access to Knowledge and Skills

  • Highly educated and multi-lingual workforce
  • Northern European culture and work ethic
  • Business knowledge and experience with Russia/CIS 

Gateway to EU and Russia/CIS

  • European Union boarder with Russia
  • Ice-free ports
  • Fastest growing airport in Europe
  • Integrated, well developed transport infrastructure 

Business Incentives

  • State support programmes
  • Special Economic Zones
  • LIAA services

International Recognition

  • EU and NATO membership since 2004
  • Ranked 29th in the world for ease of doing business (World Bank Report  „Doing Business” 2008)
  • Latvia’s national currency, the lat LVL (Lat) pegged to the euro
  •  Business envirionment fosters entrepreneurship